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Laxmi is our house hold maid. She is a 24-25 years hot and wild lady, married for just 7-8 months. Her sexual organs a ..

06-08-2019 11:45 AM
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Laxmi is our house hold maid. She is a 24-25 years hot and wild lady, married for just 7-8 months. Her sexual organs are
attractive and she always impress me with her dressing sense. Its evening and I can see her in kitchen. Wearing Indian traditional dress of saree and blouse. Her backlash deep necked blouse has made me hot. I am looking her back from dinning hall. My mom and sister is out for shopping and I moved inside kitchen and hold her in my arms. Looking at me, she smiled….. “Garry let me do my work, my hand is dirty


(Garry) no need of it do your work and let me do my work….. ”

I put my hand on her breast to massage and one palm is moving from her waist to tummy. Now I put my lips on her neck and my semi erected penis is hitting her upper portion of ass. She washed the utensils and her hand also, now looking at me……. ” Garry now leave me, want to move my home

(Garry) sure but I want to love your ass first than. ” And she tried to push me back…. I left her to move out from kitchen. Now she is near main door and yet to open the door to move outside but I moved towards Laxmi and hold her in my arms tightly. She is trying to push me back but I took her in my strong arms and she is on my lap, I carried her to my bedroom and put her on bed. Now I am on bed and moved on her top to kiss her lips and face. We are sucking each other’s lips and I pushed my tongue in her mouth and she is sucking it while her hand is on my back, she pulled my bermuda down and I removed her saree from her chest. She left my tongue and my lips are on her face and neck with palms massaging her boobs. She is moaning and I removed her saree, looking too hot and wild in her green blouse and peticote. I moved on her tummy and kissing it till her waist line..

Laxmi is sleeping straight and I moved her to look her back having a single string only to lock her blouse. I removed her strings and opened her blouse, now my lips are kissing her back and I unhooked her brassieres to press hard her breasts. Now wearing a peticote only, I moved her and put my face on her soft breasts….. Now took her breasts in my mouth and while sucking it, I am massaging other one. I sucked her both breasts and now opened her peticote lashes to pull it down. Laxmi is nude with her legs crossed and I put a pillow inside her bum to love her vagina but she has made it locked. So I put my lips on her thighs and while kissing it, I started rolling my tongue on her thighs and she is losing her control on her thighs. Now her thighs are wide open and I put my face down to kiss her vagina. Laxmi put her fingers on her labias and I am licking her cunt fastly. She is holding my hairs tightly and pushing my face in between her thighs. Now I took her cunt in my mouth to suck and my hands are moving on her soft body. She is screaming in pleasure…….. “Oohh Garry suck it hard dog, I will cum in your mouth and will pee also…. ” And after a while I got her cum in my mouth and now we both moved to washroom. She is standing with her legs wide apart and I knelt down to suck her wet pussy. She is holding my hairs tightly and shouted…… ” Ooohh Garry I will urinate in your mouth, leave my cunt….. ” But I sucked it and she urinated in my mouth


Laxmi is like a doggy on bed and I can see two holes, upper one is of ass and lower is of cunt. Now holding my penis tightly, I pushed it in her ass hole and after 1/2 of penis is in her anus hole, I hold her waist tightly. Now fucked her ass hole in speed with power and she screamed loudly……. “Oohh my god my ass is hurting your dick is so strong, fuck your mom’s ass you dog…… ” But I am going hard in her ass hole. She is looking at me and my penis having too much friction in her tiny hole. Its wet and has little space but I am going hard on her ass and now she started moving her ass slowly. My penis is too hot inside her hot boiler and I took out my dick from her ass hole and pushed it inside her vagina. Now fucking her hard, she is swinging her ass fastly. After some time I put my dick in her ass hole and going hard, she is swinging her ass while screaming…. “Oohhh uuummm Garry my ass is burning put some water in it…. “And I fucked her ass for 10 minutes and my penis ejaculated cum inside. She is satisfied and sucked my penis to taste the cum.We both are on bed. Laxmi while sitting near my waist, put her face down and started rubbing glans on her face as well as lips. She kept it near her nose to smell and lastly sucking it like a pro, her face is swinging and her tongue is rolling on it to taste her own saliva. She licked my penis and again took it in her mouth to suck, she is sucking it and I screamed….. “Oohhh Laxmi I am feeling your love on it suck hard… ” But she leave my dick. Now I moved to hall and took out a butter cake from refrigerator. Now I moved her hot body, her ass is in upwards direction and I put butter on her ass. Now rubbing it near her anus hole, I pushed my long finger in her hot hole and while fingering it I am licking her ass crack. Now I pushed a pillow inside her waist and I am putting butter on her cunt also. Now my finger is in her vagina and my tongue is licking her anus hole. She is screaming in joy and I put my tongue in her wet cunt. Her ass hole is now lubricated..


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